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Active Concepts is a CNC and 3D design services company, serving the greater Gauteng area. 

We offer professional CNC routing, Laser cutting and Industrial Design services.

Active Concepts offers services predominantly in the CNC and Laser cutting market where we strive towards becoming leaders in the field by offering and supporting a wide range of capabilities with the design and cutting industry by placing emphasis on quality, turn around time and customer services when creating and designing hand-in-hand unique concepts and goods for our clients on a vast variety of materials, from Wood and Aluminum to Plastics and Composite Materials.

Further is the offering of design consultation and light manufacturing of goods by our in-house team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff on the ground. 

We are energetic and passionate about what we do and who we are, Active Concepts and its leaders strive for a better future for all generations being made evident in the ethics and principles of our company. We believe in empowering youth development within local communities, therefore we employ young local workers and assist them in building on both their current skill-set as well as developing skills that can be applied in any and all future opportunities.

Active Concepts work closely with Legae La Nnete reintegration centre, assisting in helping young men find their feet in the real world, post-rehabilitation, seeing value not only in the individuals but also in the potential for a greater future beyond drugs in South Africa. 

Active Concepts further aims to assist youth development by providing student rates for projects of design students as well as valuable design consultation with our design team to asses and strategize the most applicable method of design and manufacture for the set task.


Active concepts strives ever forward in providing turn-key solutions and designs in all industries, sharing the common goal of assisting the generation of industrial progression into the new age of machine manufacturing aiming to find new ways of helping clients meet their goals all the while attempting to save time and money in all manufacturing processes.