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CNC and Industrial Design Services

CNC Cutting Services

CNC stands for Computer numerical control, it is essentially a computer controlled cutting machine, similar to a router that is used for cutting wood, composites, plastics and aluminium. Our CNC Router Machine has a cutting bed size 1950 mm X 2950 mm allowing for single full sheet cuts at an accuracy of 0.05mm making it Ideal for large signage applications, exhibition design features and breathtaking retail displays where we can ensure our clients of quick turn around time with marksman accuracy and hasty delivery.

Design and Development

Need design work done? Not a problem we are able to take your product from concept through to a flavorful fruition by offering the further services of 3D printing to your one off prototype models and of multiple parts from a variety of materials showcasing design concepts, proof checking the application ensuring the design is suited to your requirements. 

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Consultations occur in conjunction with our chief design expert Coligny Nel who has over 20 years of experience in the: industrial, furniture, concept and exhibition design industries as well as the manufacturing process of said fields of design, including with it the trials and obstacles that may need to be overcome with such tasks whether big or small. 


Custom Designed Pieces


Often our clients have a vision for a piece of furniture, lighting, or a unique accessory piece that can’t be found and has to be made, that's where we bring their vision to realisation in to custom designed piece. As a creative person and a designer, I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with my clients on designing the object of their vision, and bringing that vision to life. 

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Laser Cutting Services

Our Laser cutter offers unique services in creating pieces of expert precision on our 1200mm X 900mm flat bed with an incredible accuracy of 0.1mm. We offer multiple services on our laser cutting machine specializing in the signage and engraving fields, however extending into prototype manufacturing, corporate gifts, and arts and crafts projects. 

Our services are offered on most wooden products upto 6mm thick as well as plastics and perspex materials upto a thickness of 25mm.

For more information on our services please feel free to contact us regarding our machines capabilities as we will gladly assist in answering any enquiries that you may have. 

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